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It occurred to me that while there is a place for comments for each of these posts, I didn’t have a place for open-ended comments about this site, its html pages, or its general topics. I could set up a guestbook or a forum, but for now I would rather use the blog format. So this post will serve as an open forum. Please leave your general comments or questions here.


  1. My experience with guestbooks is that ultimately people spam them and you have to spend a heck of alot of time moderating the guestbook. I removed most of the guestbooks that I put in the websites I built for people.

  2. Hi from South Africa! Have never been to San Fransisco, but I hope I will be able to visit it some day. It always sounds so beautiful. Your blog is a great platform for it. I enjoyed reading the posts.

    (edited by xensen per policies, no keywords in names)

  3. If there is no sufficient reason for something about the world (any event, fact, and so on… in the world), then that something can’t be fully understood. (because understanding it requires understanding why it happened, why it is as it is, and the answers of those things are sufficient reasons)

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