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KPIX hires blogger

brittney gilbert, kpix bloggerKPIX, television Channel 5, has hired a full-time blogger named Brittney Gilbert. This is the first blogger hire by a local newsroom. Knowing how old-school journalism types think, I’m sure they see blogging as a way to reach a youth demographic and can’t imagine that older folks would read a blog. And sure enough, I see that Gilbert graduated from college in 2002.

Jim Parker, KPIX’s Director of Internet Operations, says, “Think of Brittney as the Web equivalent of a newspaper columnist, but with robust community involvement,” Parker says. “We also plan an automated blog aggregator and the opportunity for user comments, all to launch sometime after the first of the year.”

I wish her well, and I trust her KPIX blog site will not be as self-focused as her current blog is.

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  1. Hi, and thanks for the well wishes. You are correct in assuming that the KPIX blog will be less self-focused. In fact, besides having a point of view about topics the site won’t be about me at all. I’ve been writing that personal blog in various incarnations for almost eight years, and it is a personal web journal in all that that entails. The blog I will write for CBS is to be a portal of blogs of all types produced in the Bay Area–the focus is on the people behind them. I look forward to adding this one to our blogroll and aggregator once they are up and running.

    You said, “KPIX, television Channel 5, has hired a full-time blogger named Brittney Gilbert. This is the first blogger hire by a local newsroom*

    Actually, the first blogger hire was in Nashville back in 2004. I was hired by WKRN to run a blog aggregator for them a few years ago, which led to this opportunity in the Bay Area.

    Anyway, hope you’ll stop by once we’ve launched.

  2. Thanks, Brittney, for stopping by. I meant the first newsroom blog in the Bay Area, but it’s good to hear about your previous experience, and I really do wish you well. I guess my post was a little snarky, and I apologize for that. I will subscribe to your blog once it’s up and running.

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