Troubles Continue for SF Chronicle

A few years ago when San Francisco’s afternoon paper, the Examiner, merged with the morning paper, the Chronicle, readers were promised a paper that would be greater than ever, with a larger staff and more investigative reporting and original news coverage than ever before. That never happened, and the new paper was a disappointment from the beginning. (I cancelled my subscription early in 2003 in objection to the paper’s editorial perspective.)

The new Chronicle never seemed to formulate and implement a viable and consistent vision. Now, in an “emergency meeting,” it is said to have warned of more in its seemingly never-ending series of layoffs.

Is there hope for daily print media in San Francisco?


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  1. I am sorry to read this. I remember the glory days of the 1960’s when I first arrived in SF (obviously a babe in arms, ahem). I worked briefly for the Chron as a paste-up “artist” and loved the place but never could get a permanent job. I love blogging but feel that it’s no substitute for a well written, well researched paper. However, how much good writing and reporting is the Chron doing these days? I stopped reading it a while back and now, only look at the arts section which makes sense because I’m a painter. But it’s sad to think that our vibrant metropolitan community can’t support one real paper.

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