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Independent book publishing in the San Francisco Bay Area

jost ammon, 4 of booksThe Bay Area has a long history of independent book publishing. Over at Right Reading I’ve listed ten Bay Area presses that would make good destinations for holiday shopping. The presses I included are:

  1. Counterpoint Press
  2. Gingko Press
  3. Heyday Books
  4. Manic D Press
  5. McSweeney’s Books
  6. Mercury House
  7. Parallax Press
  8. Re/Search
  9. Stone Bridge Press
  10. Whereabouts Press

What other publishers deserve mention?



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  1. hmmm that gives me an idea… i’m gonna buy me a book this christmas, it’s been a while since i’ve read something good…

  2. Rachel

    Red Wheel/Weiser is an independent publisher of self-help, recovery, and esoteric books located in San Francisco.

  3. hazel White

    Kelsey Street Press deserves a mention. Since 1974, Kelsey Street has been publishing experimental poetry and prose by women, and collaborations between women poets and artists. The most recent collaboration is Concordance, by poet Mei-mei Berssenbrugge and artist Kiki Smith. The most recent book of prose/poetry, Newcomer Can’t Swim by Renee Gladman. Upcoming books include Humanimal, by Bhanu Kapil. More information at

  4. I have just completed a novel on an Northern Irish non fiction saga,, The Bold Tartan Men of Ulster,, I am completing part two ,, I would prefer a American editor or publisher than a British source,, as I am planning a return to the USA in the future. Would you or someone you know be in a position to engaged my work.
    Yours, James Gray

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