Growing by the Bay

Month: April 2015

groundhog at Slater Mill

Groundhog at Slater Mill

groundhog at Slater MillSlater Mill (shown below) in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, was the birthplace in America of both the Industrial Revolution and the American labor movement, thanks to a strike at the mill by its women workers. It’s also home to a couple of handsome groundhogs, including this one.

Slater Mill, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Citrus Burst Rose

Citrus Burst Rose

Citrus Burst RoseThe Citrus Burst rose is blooming profusely. And we had a brief moment of rain today. Not enough in our current drought, but we’ll take it.

This is a climbing rose that I have in a tomato cage for support. It’s a vigorous grower with dark green leaves and sort of striped pick and yellow flowers. It’s a repeat bloomer. So far it has required little maintenance.

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