Growing by the Bay

Month: June 2009

Another garden panorama

This is the garden from the narrow side, looking west. Clevr had trouble with this image, so I just stitched it in Photoshop.

Hey! I see a weed!


Friday Roundup

Virtual NoCal


Pool garden, year 2 panorama

Panorama of pool garden, year 2 on

We actually took a step backward this year, in a way, because we expanded the garden by taking out more concrete, and so we undid some of our work from last year. But the garden recovered nicely and is doing well, especially considering our cold, gloomy June. The monster plants on the right are tomatoes, which are already starting to bear fruit.



bee, garden

We have many bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds in the garden this year.


Video: Opium burning, San Francisco, 1914

This 1914 video shows opium paraphernalia being burnt in what is now the Civic Center area. At the time the area had not yet been rebuilt following the ’06 earthquake (because voters would not pass bonds for funding the project because of the corruption of city leaders), but here you can see the new city hall under construction.

The burning was associated with anti-Chinese sentiment. But the opium habit had been acquired by the Chinese when it was forced on them by the English in the Opium Wars in the mid-nineteenth century.



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