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Month: June 2008

Luka's, Oakland

Lukas in the afternoon

lukas in oakland

We stopped in a Lukas taproom and lounge in Oakland on a recent weekend afternoon. It’s not a bad time to visit — it wasn’t too crowded. In the afternoon, you order from the bar. If you get the seafood platte (photo via Pieces & Bits) it comes on ice. But really the frites are all you need with a good Belgian beer.


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Taqueria El Castillo

Taqueria Castillo

taqueria castillo

Taqueria Castillo is a little hole in the wall place near where I work in Civic Center. As you can see from the sign, this is Taqueria Castillo B — there is another branch on Golden Gate, and maybe more.

The decor isn’t much, I guess — and neither is the location, on McAllister near 7th, for that matter. I would say about 90 percent of the people who eat there or get food for take-out order burritos.

But a good value on the menu is the huevos con chorizo. For around six dollars you get beans of choice, rice, eggs with chorizo, salsa, a salad (with avocado), and jalapenos and other options, along with a basket of steaming hot corn tortillas.

huevos con chorizo


Photo Wednesday: Alcatraz guard tower

alcatraz guard tower

This photo of a guard tower on Alcatraz comes from vgm8383’s photostream.


San Francisco skyline from Port View Park, Oakland

san francisco from port view park

While we’re checking out the SF skyline, here’s a closer view, from Port View Park in Oakland.


San Francisco skyline from Kensington hills

unitarian universalist church of berkeley

Here’s a view of the SF skyline as seen from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley (which despite its name is located in Kensington), where I attended a family wedding on Saturday.


Photo Wednesday: Point Reyes

near point reyes, north of san francisco, california

This exquisite image taken near Point Reyes comes from Miwok.’s photostream.


Why are you on the computer

limantour max

when you could be enjoying outdoor activities? According to Forbes magazine, if you live in SF you ought to be outside right now.

You see, what Forbes did was, well, let them tell it:

Using research from the nonprofit organization Trust for Public Land, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, we gathered data on parks spending per resident, park land as a percentage of city land, recreation facilities, air quality, precipitation, sunshine and temperature extremes for 40 major cities.

No minor cities for Forbes! So what did this research tell them? Just guess!

Both Seattle and Jacksonville entered into the top 15, and even cities known for inclement weather, like Minneapolis and Boston, ranked high. Still, it was San Francisco, home to both Frisbee-tossing hippies and endurance-athlete venture capitalists, which ranked first.

So there you are. Now get out there and lets see some endurance-athlete Frisbee tossing.


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Photo Wednesday: Muir Woods

muir woods

This view of Muir Woods in Marin County is from soupboy‘s photostream.


Presidio Trust changing the nature of the Presidio

build your own presidio theme park

The oversight agency for the Presidio proposes to construct not just the massive Fisher Art Museum but a 125-room hotel and new movie theaters as well, right in the middle of the park. Traffic would be directed to a hundred-space underground parking garage beneath the museum.

According to the Chronicle, The report acknowledges that the preferred scenario would create some parking and traffic problems and would significantly change the area, which is currently a historic landmark district.”

This whole business has been an inside job, of the kind the city specializes in, like the fake merger a decade or so ago between the Chronicle and the Examiner. That was supposed to give us an expanded morning paper and keep competition alive with an afternoon one (it actually gave a few months of an extra page of comics, followed by years of staff layoffs from the consistently diminishing Chronicle and the shredding of the Examiner leading to its transformation into a giveaway).

Fisher had this deal lined up from the beginning, and there was no way his buddies on the trust were going to cross him. That’s just the way things go in the city by the bay.


Official city map

official sf map

Ditch that messy printed map. Now you can have a wrinkle-free map made up of pure recycled electrons, courtesy of Only in San Francisco. Yes, the official city map is available in pdf version, and if you don’t want to print it out you can just turn your laptop upside down to read the reverse (where you will find Larry Flynt’s Hustlers Club among the recommended attractions). San Francisco, open your golden gates!


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Alton Kelley, 1940-2008

alton kelley

Alton Kelley, one of the pioneers of the SF psychedelic graphic arts movement, has died. Kelley and his longtime collaborator Stanley Mouse helped to fashion a style that featured bold colors, play with figure-ground, allusions to art nouveau, and wildly subversive typography. Psychedelic artists like Kelley were forerunners of the more grunge-oriented illegibility movement in graphic design of the end of the twentieth century.

But, as in this poster for a tribute to Chet Helms — despite its brash colors — Kelley at times showed a tendency to restraint and even classical balance in composition. He was one of the people who defined an era in the city, and I’m sorry to see him go.



I was siderailed by a medical issue, but now I’m back and blogging.


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